Anonymous said: What state are you living at?


  -  28 July

Anonymous said: what do i do if i feel like jm odin on h

Mk ultra, bish.

Anonymous said: Are you a lesbian? You only reblog pictures of hot girl and never guys wtf

Females will inherently appeal to me more than guys, I think. Not because I’m a lesbian, but because I am a girl and as a girl I can thoroughly appreciate pretty girls, I guess. I aspire to be one, ya know? 

sightofthetombs said: Hi Toria,could I ask what is the link to blacknannys music?

His soundcloud and YouTube is listed there, as well as other links to download. xx

fudgedood said: Hey nigga

Web definitions
nigger: (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person; “only a Black can call another Black a nigga”

hapillon said: Blacknanny's album is wicked good. Tell him I said that. Since you see him a lot?

We live together, and he checks my tumblr while he’s at work, so he’ll see this :) everyone wave at Danny.

Anonymous said: where is blacknanny :(

Onto bigger and better things

Anonymous said: Liar

Story teller, creative soul extraordinaire.

Anonymous said: Why dont you talk about your sex life anymore? I'm a girl and I always really enjoyed it :(

Yes, why don’t I talk about disgusting, depraved acts of desperation, along with suicidal ideation, and being beaten afterwards. Bummer.

Anonymous said: - now in madison. miss u and miss jenn. hmu ❤️ come visit

I miss you guys, so much. Especially Jenn. She was like a mommy bear and she never failed to make me laugh. I genuinely couldn’t deal with her and Sams passing so close together, and I think about that a lot. It must have been a lot harder on you and Connie. I still have the IHOP gift card packaging thing and she wrote “because I want you to eat if you can’t sleep”. Like, she was the most amazing girl and you guys were seriously my family for quite sometime. Miss you guys. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I didn’t see this!! xx

  -  1 July

Anonymous said: Well we did learn one thing Tory, even a God King can bleed!! You ever watched Penny Dreadful?

Associate the press, my niqqa.

  -  29 June

Anonymous said: Story!!!! 😁

I was in Chicago with a girl I used to be good friends with and we were on this “wholistic bitch kick” is what we’d taken to calling the nine day period in which we kept it organic and ate a shitload of mushrooms and smoked, and that’s about it. We were walking around opposite Michigan ave so like that’s the opposite side, which is basically just a shitload of weird shit happening. Lots of junkies and homeless people and weird waffles & Chinese food style restaurants and the fucking historical figures were walking around. Like, the ones that are painted solid gold and never move? Those bastards were walking around. Anyway, we were fucking around like giving them shit and stuff, talking, etc. Next day: we walk down michigan ave and she sees one from last night, and punches it in the stomach. It was actually a solid gold statue .-. She broke her hand and that ended our organic kick. The end.

Anonymous said: I cant imagine being alive tomorrow you are a selfish evil bitch

  -  24 June

bl0dse4 said: You’re so gorgeous. I think I’ve followed you on all my previous blogs, but they always end up getting deleted. How are you doing? Healthwise.

Aw. Thank you for that. It’s always like a rare pleasantry hearing kind things, falling out of the internet. Falling out of the internet. Internet. I’m fine. Generally consistent health wise. Better than I was, worse lately. My immune system is so fucked. Just like blew out, fucked, gauged, whatever. So I get sick a lot, but I don’t feel like I’m dying, and hey I’m not dying so realistic optimism & smiles.

  -  24 June

Anonymous said: Why?

Why would we? Last time I heard anything about him, he was in prison. He might be in a halfway house now. Regardless, I have no desire to talk to him.

  -  20 June